Broadway Betterment

The Jack London Improvement District is working towards a better Broadway that is inviting, vibrant, and safe. Here are current and upcoming projects on Broadway.

Tree pruning, August 2018

The sycamores on Broadway were due for a much-needed pruning to lift the canopy and let in more light. Some branches were blocking business signs and traffic lights and encroaching upon the sidewalks. The result is a much more open and inviting streetscape.

Street Trees 4th.jpg

Median installations & Landscaping, Coming soon!

The District is currently planning landscaping and installations for our medians.

Free Broadway Shuttle Jack London

Free Broadway Shuttle

We fund and support the free Broadway Shuttle program to improve access and connection between Downtown and Jack London. We contribute $20,000 every year to fund the B Shuttle. Buses come every 10-15 minutes!


Activation & placemaking, ongoing

  • Improving gateways

  • Pop-ups

  • Art-wrapped utility boxes and murals, rehabilitating tagged utility boxes planned


repaving, fall 2018/Spring 2019

Lower Broadway is set to be repaved Summer/Fall 2019 as part of Oakland’s Five Year Paving Plan and Complete Streets program. We are committed to coordinating with DOT and the Jack London community to build consensus around pedestrian, cyclist, transit and vibrancy improvements on Broadway.


Wayfinding, Completion 2018

Auto-directional and pedestrian signage installed on Broadway as part of our district-wide signage program to help vehicles and pedestrians navigate to and around our district.


daily maintenance & Cleaning

Our Ambassador team clears Broadway of any trash, graffitti and debris daily.


Let us know what you think. Email to offer your ideas and feedback.