Jack London Improvement District in the News


CityLab, June 13th, 2017

“The waterfront development, Jack London Square, …is just starting to reach the level of density and foot traffic that would support tenancies in these spaces. So we felt we were a good match for an art use that was seeking a home.” For the Jack London Improvement District, the museum is an opportunity for economic activation, absolutely. In fact, it may be a little late in coming: Retailers and restaurants are already starting to pour into the area. The Museum of Capitalism also represents an artistic tradition that has disappeared from other parts of Oakland.


Berkeleyside, November 16th, 2017 – Will Jack London Square live up to its potential as Oakland’s Food Center? – …Savlan Hauser of the Jack London Improvement District has a more optimistic outlook. She considers the recent closures and relocations as not so much a loss for the district as a “changing of the guard.” “Much like the rest of Oakland we’ve seen an enormous growth in the number of bars, restaurants and young businesses that have opened.


The New Yorker- August 18th, 2017- What Would a Museum of Capitalism Look Like? 




SF Business Times: November 30th, 2017- Mapped: A Closer Look at the Oakland Athletics’ Ballpark Plan





KALW Public Radio: The Museum of Capitalism won’t ignite a revolution, but it’ll sure make you think. “We just love seeing vacant spaces activated, and bringing new people to the district who wouldn't ordinarily visit,” says Savlan Hauser, the Jack London Improvement District executive director.




SF Business Times: March 23rd, 2017- Exclusive: Jack London Square Project Breaks Ground, Fueling Oakland’s Housing Boom

A 48-unit housing project in Jack London Square has started construction, adding momentum to Oakland's housing boom. ... "We know development is crucial for the vibrancy of the district," said Savlan Hauser, executive director of the Jack London Improvement District, which promotes economic development in the District.


East Bay Times, May 26th, 2017- Jack London Square Apartments Approved (CIM Development)

“This proposal is really aligned with the community development vision and invests in common areas and, most importantly, public access and Oakland's access to its own waterfront by activating the ground level,” said Savlan Hauser, executive director of the Jack London Square Improvement District.


Streetsblog: May 26th, 2017- Reconnecting Oakland to its Waterfront

“For the price of some beer and bánh mì sandwiches, we brought a bunch of people into the room from the city and other community stakeholders to think about physical interventions that could improve the underpasses,” said Hauser. The stakeholders indicated that the “underpasses should be luminous , dynamic, interactive, and engaging…. It was a high bar to set for a project, but we hope we can achieve all of these things.”

SF Business Times: October 6, 2017: Could a downsized Ballpark be a Hit?

…BART director Robert Raburn said at last month's panel, assembled by the Jack London Improvement District.






SF Business Times: March 2, 2017- Exclusive: First Homes to Break Ground in Brooklyn Basin, Oakland’s new Waterfront Neighborhood

Large swaths of Oakland's waterfront have been inaccessible for many years, said Savlan Hauser, executive director of the Jack London Improvement District. “Oakland has a spectacular shorefront and Brooklyn Basin will bring more people to it,” she said. “It will benefit all of us along the waterfront to enjoy investments in public spaces and parks.”


New Public Relations, Advocacy, and Marketing Partnerships- 2017

IKE Smart City—Informational Kiosk to be installed citywide, 1st  in Jack London

Amtrak Passenger Rail—local tourist destination marketing and onboard advertising campaign

Coalition for Clean & Safe Streets (with Oakland Builders Alliance, Jobs & Housing Coalition, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Small Business Task Force and Oakland Homeless Action Working Group)

CARTO – Online mapping and location data services software, 2018 Grant Program

Continuing Public Relations Partnerships: Visit Oakland, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, Oakland BID Alliance (serving as Chair), Townsquared, SPUR, and Urban Land Institute