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What is an improvement district?

An improvement district is a defined area within which businesses or property owners are required to pay an additional tax (or levy) in order to fund projects within the district's boundaries.

Jack London property owners established an Improvement District through a balloting and petition process. You can find more information about the formation process here. District funded projects must legally benefit property owners, including, but not limited to, expenditures that promote commerce and tourism, and reduce vacancies and crime.

How much does it cost?

The Jack London Improvement District's annual budget is approximately $780,000. The budget will vary based on collection rates and changes to property in the district. The district’s non-profit board may increase the assessments annually based upon Alameda County’s regional CPI index or by a maximum of 5% of the previous year’s assessments. The assessment for each property is based on service frequency, location, and parcel type. For more information about how the assessments are calculated, please see the Management District Plan. Assessments are collected by the Alameda County Tax Collector, and disbursed to the Jack London Improvement District through the City of Oakland.

What have Improvement Districts done?

Improvement Districts lead to effective planning, financing, and execution of improvement projects in struggling urban communities. You may have noticed the impact of Improvement Districts in the presence of Safety Ambassadors in Downtown Oakland, rigorous graffiti abatement and consistent sidewalk sweeping led by Maintenance Crews in Koreatown/Northgate, and pedestrian-oriented LED lighting and public art work in Temescal. Improvement Districts enable district property owners to make their properties more desirable by investing in their surroundings.

Does the City do less because of JLID’s services?

No. Baseline services have been established for all relevant city agencies that provide services in the Jack London District; the Improvement District works with the City to ensure that those agencies are providing services at the appropriate level.

How is the Jack London Improvement District managed?

A non-profit organization manages the assessments and services of the Jack London Improvement District. The non-profit is staffed by a full time Executive Director and a part-time Administrative Assistant through a contract with Oakland Venue Management. The Board of Directors, made up of key property owners and other stakeholders in the community, governs the organization and oversees district staff, ensuring that funds are collected and spent according to the Management District Plan. The Board of Directors holds annual elections. For more information see our bylaws.