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Community Resources

For upcoming meetings and events, click here.

For consultation on an upcoming special event you are planning in the district, get in touch here.

Ambassador Assistance

Ambassador Assistance Hotline: (510) 363-0989

Jack London Improvement District partners with Block by Block to provide a hardworking team of ambassadors to keep our streets inviting, clean, and safe. To submit a service request within the district, fill out this form or call the hotline above.

Scroll down for more details on how to report graffiti and illegal dumping in our neighborhood.

Ambassador Operating Hours

Monday 7:00am - 3:40pm
Tuesday - Thursday 7:00am - 9:10pm
Friday 9:00am - 9:10pm
Saturday 9:00am-11:10pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 3:40pm

We encourage you to report any issues in the public right-of-way to Oak311

Reporting Graffiti and Illegal Dumping


Our team will remove or cover graffiti on the first floor of buildings or other structures (at a maximum height of 10ft) whenever the graffiti is visible from a public right of way. With the permission of the property owner, our Block by Block team will automatically remove this graffiti within 24 hours of observing it or within 24 hours of receiving a request to remove it.

Property Owners in the Jack London District may request graffiti removal by filling out this form or calling the Ambassador Assistance hotline at (510) 363-0989

If it's your first time requesting graffiti removal on your building, please fill out this graffiti removal authorization form and return by email or in person to our office at 333 Broadway.


Be Oaktown PROUD: Prevent & Report Unlawful Dumping

Oaktown PROUD is a campaign by and for Oaklanders, to reduce illegal dumping and improve our neighborhoods. From this page you can #BeOaktownPROUD by requesting City services, reporting dumping, and volunteering to help!

Report to Public Works

  • Help get stuff fixed! Report public maintenance issues to SeeClickFix. "Watch" Jack London here and vote on reports to drive deployment to our area.
  • Download the reporting app Oak311 to report and track from your phone.
  • Phone: (510) 615-5566; Email:

CalTrans Freeway & Ramp Maintenance

  • (415) 330-6500 (graffiti on signs, striping, electrical issues)
  • (510) 614-5942 (illegal dumping, potholes, overgrown vegetation)
  • Online maintenance request

Crime Prevention

Jack London Neighborhood Council

Neighborbood Council

Neighborhood Councils meet to discuss and act on neighborhood issues with their community police officer. The purpose of the NCs "is to act as a liaison and work with community residents, organizations, police officers, and city officials together to identify and resolve problems in communities."

The Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils were created in 1996 as an integral part of Oakland's approach to community policing, as mandated in City Resolution 79235.

A designated community resources officer will be present at each NCPC meeting.

There are 51 NCs in Oakland -- one per police beat -- composed entirely of volunteers who live, work, or worship in that neighborhood. 

The Jack London Improvement District worked with the Neighborhood Services Division to re-establish the Jack London/Beat 1X NCPC. Regular meetings are held monthly, on the fourth Tuesday, virtually via Zoom. We encourage you to attend a meeting, get to know your neighbors, and get involved in keeping your community safe.

responsibilities of nc officers/board members

Safety Tips for Visitors

  • Travel in groups when possible, and choose well lit busy streets if walking alone at night.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and other people. Keep your head up, your eyes and ears open, and your phone down in public
  • Do not leave your purse, backpack or briefcase unattended, especially not on the back of your chair
  • Carry your personal items in front of you and closer to your body. Try not to carry more than you can handle
  • Trust your instincts. If someone or something seems suspicious, leave immediately and find a nearby safer location with access to people who can help like an open business, an ambassador, parking lot attendant, etc.
  • When driving, parking in a secure garage is recommended.
  • When parking your vehicle, remove all luggage and valuables - especially electronics . Do not leave any objects, including empty bags, in view

Source: Visit Oakland

Register Your Security Cameras with OPD

When crimes happen police officers spend quite a bit of time approaching neighbors in the area to see if there are surveillance cameras that may have filmed any cars or suspects to help investigations. If you have a security camera at your home and it faces the street please register that information with OPD. Cameras that have good resolution at night as well as license plate readers are really valuable as well. Criminals are not bound by city limits, so information is shared with other cities. Perpetrators and even vehicles are often known by the police in other cities. Working together community and police can improve our safety and discourage criminals. 


Crime Reporting Information

Emergency and crime in progress call 911 or cell phone call 777-3211

Suspicious activities, call OPD non-emergency number 777-3333

Drug dealing tip-line 238-DRUG(3784); Sex Trafficking tip-line 238-2373

Fire Hazard Reporting: 238-3581

Join OPD’s Security Camera & Alarm Registry

Report a crime online through the City of Oakland website.


911: Call if you Can, Text if Your Can't

Community members can now use Text-to-911 as a safe and reliable resource for residents to contact the Oakland Police Department in an emergency.

You should always call 911 if you can and text 911 only if you can’t. Text-to-911 allows mobile users to send a text message to reach 911 dispatchers in situations where it is not safe to place a voice call. Learn more here.

Non-Police Response for Folks in a Mental Health Crisis

MH First Oakland a hotline (510-999-9MH1) and will be available on Friday & Saturday nights from 8pm to 8am, the times in the week where there are no other mental health support options available.

Is your Car a Target?

This brochure includes tips on theft prevention, reporting, and recovering stolen items, as well as Oakland Police Department resources and contact information.

Bike Tips to Prevent Theft!

City Updates

Subscribe for NIXLE Alerts - Text your zip code to 888777 to opt-in or visit here 

Subscribe to Email or Text Alerts - Enter your email address in the "Email Updates" section on the City's website.

City of Oakland Twitter handle - City of Oakland @Oakland

City of Oaklands public safety news - follow OPD @oaklandpoliceca

Resident Resources

Getting a parking permit

The Jack London district is in City Council District 3. Our City Council representative is Carol Fife. You can find out how to contact her here.

Bulky Item Pickup Services for all Oakland residents through the Oakland Recycles Program

Recycle Where? The goal of RecycleWhere is to reduce waste by providing accurate information about recycling, reuse, and proper disposal options for residents and businesses without regard to traditional municipal boundaries.

Residents page: info about jobs, housing, schools, utilities, accessibility services, public safety, and more.

Housing in Jack London

Events Calendar

Projects Impacting the District



The I-880 Oakland-Alameda Access Project (formerly called the I-880 Broadway-Jackson Project) proposes to improve connectivity between I-880, I-980 and the cities of Alameda and Oakland. 

Alameda CTC, the project sponsor, and Caltrans, the lead for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements, are working in partnership with the cities of Oakland and Alameda to plan, identify and analyze potential freeway access and local roadway improvements between I-880, I-980 and the Posey/Webster Tubes connecting the two cities. The project is being coordinated with multiple corridor planning efforts and local and regional developments including but not limited to the Downtown Specific Plan and Bicycle Master Plan to make sure that any improvements identified for local roads will not conflict with future plans within the corridor.

The Jack London Improvement District staff is part of the Stakeholders Working Group on this project to act as a key liaison to the larger community of business, advocates, residents and organizations.

Upcoming Community Meeting info available on our events page!


Read the Downtown Oakland Preliminary Draft Plan here.

Jack London is an active participant in the entitlement process of District projects as well as the Downtown Specific Plan process underway. As part of a transparent and collaborative approach to creating and maintaining a safe, clean, thriving Jack London District with flourishing businesses, vibrant events, and quality of life, the Jack London Improvement District is convening neighborhood conversations about land use, economic development, business, resilience, industry, history, and culture relevant to the District. The discussions are both educational and serve as a guide for the long range vision of the District. 

Since the initiation of Plan Downtown, Jack London has been working to extend the City's community engagement and provide a forum for participation in the visioning and planning process. The community discussions around connecting the waterfront with the Downtown through improved gateways, the future of the wholesale produce district, enhanced public spaces, industry and mixed-use, and rail and transit infrastructure have informed the focus of the Downtown Plan.

Stay updated on the City's Planning Process here.


Walk this Way: The Broadway/Webster Project aims to transform the areas around, under and through the Broadway and Webster Street underpasses of the I-880 Freeway into a beautiful, safe, walkable, inviting, green and iconic passageway connecting Downtown Oakland and the Waterfront. 

The City of Oakland seeks the best talent in urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, lighting design, engineering, transportation planning, acoustics, public art and community engagement to reimagine a new future for this key area of Downtown Oakland and to develop new tools to address the many underpasses that challenge our neighborhoods citywide.